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Completed Projects

Well Monitoring Program in Vavuniya District
  • Under the Treasury Grant Project, 85 selected wells monitoring and have been analyzed since 1999, covering the areas of Refugee Resettlements and densely populated Urban Townships. The aim of monitoring is to record temporal variation of groundwater quality and behavior of groundwater level fluctuation.

    Project Cost (Mln)Beneficiaries
    6.5Management & control of Groundwater Resources for sustainable development in the district.
Water Supply Facilities to Kuliyapitiya
  • Groundwater assessment and drilling of tube wells with provision of water supply facilities to Kuliyapitiya township & Somawathiya Chathya site.This project carried out in 2002.

    Project Cost (Mln)Beneficiaries
    3.2Benefited 30,000 populations in Kuliyapitiya, thousand of pilgrims & others at the Somawathiya site.
Water Resources Management Project
  • Groundwater Monitoring & Assessment Study in Deduru Oya Basin Under ADB Project.( 2002 - 2003 )

    Project Cost (Mln)Beneficiaries
    8.77Assessment of available groundwater potential for integrated development within Deduru oya basin /future project planning.
Tube Well Construction in Moneragala District
  • Under N.W.S. & D.B. project 73 tube wells constructed for drinking purpose during the period from 2004 to 2005.

    Project Cost (Mln)Beneficiaries
    2.4Benefited 20,000 populations in Moneragala district.
Mantricap Project in Mannar District in 2005 (JICA)
  • Construction of tube wells for agriculture and drinking purposes in Mannar district.

    Project Cost (Mln)Beneficiaries
    6.3Benefited 10,000 populations in Mannar & Manthai west in Mannar district.
Groundwater Resources Study in Lower Part of Attanagalu Oya Basin
  • Commenced in January 1999 and following activities were carried out: Collected data on technical and chemical data of boreholes and rainfall. Geophysical investigations and construction of boreholes were carried out. Prepared hydrogeological maps and Interim Reports. This Project completed in 2001.

    Project Cost (Mln)Beneficiaries
    3.3Assessment of Groundwater potential for exploitation.
Groundwater Monitoring Project (Under Treasury Grant ) in Puttalam District
  • This project commenced in 1988, it was projected to implement a groundwater monitoring network programme in the Prawn Farm areas in Puttalam District. This project completed in 2002. Wells were monitored monthly for EC Water level and salinity.

    Project Cost (Mln)Beneficiaries
    2.88Management & Control of Groundwater Resources for sustainable development of the highly groundwater potential areas.
High Discharge Tube Wells (2001 to 2003)
  • Commissioning of tube wells for water supply stations in the District of Ratnapura, Puttalam, and Kurunagala & Hambantota.

    Project Cost (Mln)Beneficiaries
    7.55Approx. 20,000 populations benefited.
    These sources are being duly exploited during severe drought periods to relief water stressed population.
Pilot Study on Groundwater Resources - CRI Project (2003 - 2004)
  • Under this project Hydrogeological Investigations and construction of drilling test tube wells were carried out in Kurunegala District.

    Project Cost (Mln)Beneficiaries
    2.8Management & control of Groundwater Resources for sustainable development in the District.
Tube Well Construction for B.O.I.
  • Under this project 15 tube wells constructed in Gampaha and Kurunegala Districts in 2004.

    Project Cost (Mln)Beneficiaries
    5.0Benefited 25,000 approx. populations in Pannala, Pugoda and Henegama area.
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