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Conservation and Rehabilitation of Natural Springs in Anuradhapura District

    Disaster Management Centre  project- year 2011-2012.

    In recent years, due to over exploitation of groundwater in dry zone, many shallow wells either dry up during dry season or get contaminated with toxic substances from agricultural inputs and excess fluoride and hardness due to natural weathering process of existing rocks. High Fluoride leads to Dental and Skeletal Fluorosis and the presence of heavy metals in water sources make the situation critical. As a result, rural people in Anuradhapura district face many problems due to lack of safe and clean water, especially for drinking purposes. In this scenario, fresh water from natural springs offer a huge potential as an alternative water source for the rural people in the district. Water Resources Board has identified 12 natural springs with good quality of water within the district which can be used to provide safe and clear water for the community. Therefore, the main objective of the project was to conserve and rehabilitate the natural springs with good quality water and provide safe drinking water for the people in Anuradhapura district. About 1850-2800 families in rural areas of Anuradhapura district are benefited by this project which supplies about 286,000-334,000 liters per day (286-334 m3 per day) for their daily needs.


     During development process


     Garinda Ulpotha in Kebitigollewa DS division


     Ulpathgama Ulpotha in Palugaswewa DS division


    Source region of Kandegama Ulpotha in Palagala DS division

    Ulpathgama Ulpotha-Thalakolawewa in Palagala DS division


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