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Seven day pirith ceremony at Katharagama Kiri Vehera

A seven-day pirith ceremony was held by the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources Management at the Katharagama Kiri Vehera Premises to invoke blessings of the Triple Gem on the country and in order to obtain the sufficient rains mitigating possible droughts. As an agricultural country, rain water is mainly needed for cultivation of paddy and other crops. Moreover, the storages of surface water sources such as tanks and Reservoirs and recharge of groundwater are mainly dependent on rainfall. These surface water sources provide water for irrigation channels/water ways for agriculture and generating of electricity by hydropower.  

The ceremony was conducted on the initiative of Hon. Minister Gamini Vijith Wijayamuni Soyza who participated in the pirith with officers of the institutions  of the Ministry on 04th January, 2017.More than 100 members of the Maha Sangha participated in the pirith chanting from January 04 to10.

Several photographs taken at this event are as follows.