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The WRB was established in 1966 by the parliament Act No. 29 of 1964 and presently operating under Ministry of Irrigation, Water Resources Management and Disaster Management

"Adequate access to clean and safe water for all."

        Our aim is to conserve and sustainably utilize water resources of the country by using new technologies and management tools. Hence, the services of the WRB extends to develop the water resources to meet the growing demands of the country in domestic, industrial and agricultural sectors.
        Although, Sri Lanka is not considered as a water scarce country, in particular to groundwater, quantity, quality and availability of groundwater has started to deteriorate due to increasing human activities. This undesirable groundwater deterioration relates to land subsidence and seawater intrusion; coincides with urban development and excessive groundwater extraction. WRB is dedicated to research and training people to address these groundwater issues in the country.
Hon. Minister of Irrigation, Water Resources Management and Disaster Management

Hon. Duminda Dissanayake was appointed as the Minister of Irrigation, Water Resources Management and Disaster Management by His Excellency Maithripala Sirisena, President of Sri Lanka. 
External Registered Hydrogeologists
To download the name list of qualified external hydrogeologists registered at Water Resources Board, please 

Mr. Sydney Gajanayake- New Chairman of Water Resources Board 
Newly appointed Chairman of Water Resources Board, Mr. Sydney Gajanayake has arrived at Water Resources Board on 31st May 2018. In this occasion, new Chairman has warmly welcomed by the Water Resources Board and he took up duties as the chairman of Water Resources Board on that day. Please click here for more details